Students with major attention challenges


Overcoming major attention challenges with ADHD training courses

Unlike conventional solutions, PowerBrain Rx ADHD training addresses attention disorders at their root cause.

ADHD and ADD are complex syndromes with no single treatment solution.

Whilst medication is often helpful, progressively a new consensus is emerging that “medication only”, let alone over-medication are by far not the best “one-Size-fits-all-solution’ for everybody diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

Research proves, on the contrary, that the best approaches to overcome ADHD and ADD symptoms must include training exercises that actually build attention skills while exposing the student to structured, distracting stimuli. Occasionally, children with ADHD are misdiagnosed with dyslexia. Training for students, from kids and teens to adults, can be an important step in clarifying a misdiagnosis. This is because, if a student has the attention capacity necessary to commence training, their cognitive skills may improve to a level where tutoring produces a measurable improvement in reading ability.

Cognition-focused ADHD training is a powerful, medication free, natural way to meaningfully improve the condition of people with ADHD or ADD. After having completed their cognitive program, scores of students were directed by their physician to either significantly reduce their medication or to stop taking medication altogether.

Brain training results are real and measurable.

With PowerBrain Rx, those with ADHD and ADD symptoms have the unique opportunity to overcome their attention limitations, with the clear possibility of no future need for medication or accommodation.



A note about autism and Asperger’s syndrome

For those on the low end of the autism spectrum, health care professionals may work towards autism ‘recovery’ wherein the patient can function happily in society without supervision or formal care. With regard to training assisting with autism recovery, research shows promising signs. Researchers studying ASDs including Aspergers treatment for children and teenagers have noted the need for further investigation of how exercises improve characteristics such as communication and singular interests. PowerBrain Rx is happy to work with parents and caregivers, as well as their health care professionals, interested in autism recovery in Hong Kong.