Struggling students in Secondary


Learning Difficulties Training for Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors

Is your child struggling in these important years? Are learning difficulties holding your child back?

Late homework and recurrent tutoring do not provide the expected results? Stop guessing why. Cognitive skills weaknesses are often the problem. Even without diagnosed serious learning disabilities, students can have difficulty in developing the information processing, memory, critical thinking and other skills they need to succeed academically. This is where we can help. Our tried and tested assessment and intensive one-on-one training can provide a powerful change for students with serious learning difficulties. Learning difficulties training for students is aimed at identifying opportunities for improvement at each stage in the educational process. Our aim is not just to boost test and exam results, but to change the way that the student’s mind perceives, organizes, stores and uses information – their cognitive processes. Many find that learning difficulties training also improves their confidence and cognitive abilities outside of school or university. Individually tested and individually trained, we will focus on the clearly identified weak areas and improve them effectively.

Beyond the school years

Learning difficulties training isn’t just for kids. Mature age students, professionals seeking career advancement and seniors striving to keep their mental agility can also have serious learning difficulties. It’s just the nature of the way they discover their difficulty that changes. For example, an older professional may say they “just don’t understand IT and never will”, when really they simply need to set up their brains to learn about new software, hardware and processes. At PowerBrain Rx, we will listen carefully to your needs and goals before conducting an assessment to determine which customized program of training would best suit you.

Unlock the potential. With PowerBrain Rx, one can overcome learning difficulties.