Memory Training for Seniors

There is no reason for our seniors not to enjoy the daily, practical, real life benefits of a sharp and vivid brain.

By getting older, a lot of people think that cognitive decline, for example memory decline is inevitable. It is not! There is no reason to believe that at a senior age we should relinquish on the everyday advantages of a healthy, strong and glowing brain. Cognitive training for seniors can halt the brain’s aging process in many ways. It can provide measurable improvements. Are you a senior yourself or is one of your older loved ones a senior who is worried about mental decline, memory loss and overall weakening of cognitive abilities? No such wrongly alleged fatality needs to be true since it is proven that attention training can produce stunning effects, even on the older brain! Professional and effective brain training for seniors allows indeed to build new (!) neuron pathways, whatever our age. It has never been a better time to stand out among your peers, to learn a new language or to engage in serious and fun brain training!

Alzheimer cognitive training

For seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive training may help slow the progression of symptoms. For mild to moderate Alzheimer’s, studies have shown that training involving a variety of structured reading and arithmetic tasks can improve individual cognitive ability from the baseline (initial assessment level before training). We can work together with your (or your loved one’s) health care professional to customize a program to suit.

Refining senior moments. Stay mentally fit and sharp with PowerBrain Rx. Yes you can.