Cognitive Training for Teens


In these critical years prior to admission to higher education, brain training for teens can make a difference!

These are the important years to prepare the path for the best possible higher education. Our intensive brain training programs do not only focus on the three indispensable core areas in cognitive skills, i.e. attention and concentration, memory and processing speed. We also drill and boldly strengthen visual and auditory processing and memory and likewise we actively and intensely stimulate logic and reasoning. Memory training for teens is not about rote learning; rather, it’s about obtaining the skills necessary to remember information and apply it correctly in context. This is essential for examination and assessment situations in their final years of secondary schooling.

Attention training for teens can be of great benefit where the student is finding it difficult to concentrate in class, due to lack of sleep, growing pains, and the distractions of the classroom environment. In addition to our core program, we also offer specialist focus training for teens with diagnosed or suspected learning difficulties. We can cater to the needs of teenagers with ADD/ADHD, amongst other disorders.

Because each program begins with an assessment, it can be tailored to the needs of your child, whether they are falling behind or performing outstandingly in class. With enhanced brain skills, your teenager will learn and work faster and more effectively.

Achieve more and obtain a higher performance. Build a higher confidence level when reaching out for the next important targets of life.