Brain Training for Kids

The earlier the better!

Give your younger ones the best possible, early head start for building strong cognitive foundations that will optimize their learning abilities at this timely stage. Cognitive training for kids can ensure that they not only meet their developmental milestones, but that they’re also set up for learning and success in the years to come.

In a friendly and warm environment we will work and build on the early cognitive foundations that are attention and concentration, short and long term memory, speed and ease of understanding and responding and early phonetics groundwork. Attention training for kids is an effective way to ensure they’re taking in all of the valuable information and educational opportunities around them at pre-school and at home. Parents don’t mind the results, either!

Our cognitive training for kids of pre-school age includes a thorough assessment and consultation before the training begins. This way, we can tell where your child is already at, and direct them towards focus training for kids of their age with similar aptitudes and needs. Every 15 sessions, we undertake a review of your child’s progress and development. This allows us to demonstrate the improvement that has been made. We are proud of the way that our program produces measurable results, and we’re always happy to hear of past clients’ academic success once they reach school age.

PowerBrain Rx stands for an early start that allows for early success. Give them more than just flash card style memory training for kids; give them the mental skills they need to get ahead.