You have been a caring parent or partner for so long and given among your best years to look almost exclusively after your partner or family.

If you feel now it is time for a rejuvenating wake-up call for your abilities and for your confidence level, we can help you achieving this goal. By joining the program and by taking it seriously, you will be literally transformed! We cannot pledge that by then you look younger, but for sure we can guarantee that you will feel 10 years younger, invigorated, and sharper! We can revive and reshape your cognitive brain skills and can meaningfully contribute to building up or bringing back a healthy self-esteem and this good feeling of “Yes I can do it”.

With PowerBrain Rx you will be smarter and you will know it and feel it.

Career Executives


Looking for a new professional, more demanding opportunity?

After many, long years in the same job and career you may have lost some of the mental

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stamina and agility that probably where one of your assets that had got you into your job at the first place. Reviewing and challenging again your mental executive functions may just be what you have been looking for in order to prepare for a career change. We have a specific program perfectly adapted to career adults. It is truly powerful, intense, engaging and we guarantee it will challenge you. You can enhance and hone your cognitive brain foundations.

With PowerBrain Rx you will reconnect with the speed, the sharpness, and the effectiveness required for your new ambitions.