Accident victims


Memory Loss Recovery Training for Accident Victims and Other Patients

Rebuild and recover much of your ability!

When a person is injured, their cognitive abilities suffer because their brain is physically damaged or altered. They literally cannot use the same neural pathways to do things that used to come naturally to them, such as learning a new game, picking up a job skill, or recounting a memory. Neurologists and other doctors speak of a patient having to ‘re-learn’ essential skills. Some of these can take months, requiring extensive practice as well as physical therapy.

Specific brain training exercises can rebuild individual cognitive skills due to traumatic brain injury. Training helps to rehabilitate the brain, by allocating new neurons, synapses and pathways to compensate for any damaged area and loss of function. This can include memory loss recovery. When a person is having memory problems after an accident, chances are that they haven’t lost the memory forever – they just need to develop a new way to access it. Memory loss recovery training, a form of brain training, may just be the way to do this.

At PowerBrain Rx, we conduct assessments before training commences, and then periodically – usually after 30 sessions. This means that improvements can be measured. We are happy to consult with you or your loved one’s health care professionals to ensure that training is provided in a way that complements other treatment measures.

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After a serious brain accident, today there is solid hope to rebuild most of ones damaged or lost brain skills.