Who can benefit

Who can benefit from cognitive training?

1/ Pre-School: 3-6 years


The earlier the better!

Give your younger ones the best possible, early head start for building strong cognitive foundations that will optimize their learning abilities at this timely stage. In a friendly and warm environment we will work and build on the early cognitive foundations that are attention and concentration, short and long term memory, speed and ease of understanding and responding and early phonetics groundwork.

PowerBrain Rx stands for an early start that allows for early success.


2/ Primary:


Establish solid basics for the first challenges at school and in life!

Among the key fundamentals of all learning abilities are strong cognitive skills. In order to prepare our children in Primary in the best way for the first life and academic challenges, we will first test our children and find out in which area to focus, when it comes to strengthening their working memory, long-term memory, their concentration and processing speed.

Learning will be better, faster and more effective.


3/ Secondary:


In these critical years prior to admission to higher education, brain training can make a difference!

These are the important years to prepare the path for the best possible higher education. Our intensive brain training programs do not only focus on the 3 indispensible core areas in cognitive skills, i.e. attention & concentration, memory and processing speed. We also drill and boldly strengthen visual and auditory processing and memory and likewise we actively and intensely stimulate logic and reasoning. With enhanced brain skills, your teenager will learn and work faster and more effectively.

Achieve more and obtain a higher performance. Build a higher confidence level when reaching out for the next important targets of life.


4/ Struggling students in Secondary:


Is your child struggling in these important years? Are learning difficulties holding your child back?

Late homework and recurrent tutoring do not provide the expected results? Stop guessing why. Cognitive skills weaknesses are often the problem. This is where we can help. Our tried and tested assessment and intensive one-on-one training can provide a powerful change for our struggling students. Individually tested and individually trained, we will focus on the clearly identified weak areas and improve them effectively.

Unlock the potential. With PowerBrain Rx, one can overcome learning difficulties.


5/ Students with major attention challenges


Unlike conventional solutions, PowerBrain Rx cognitive training addresses attention disorders at their root cause.

ADHD and ADD are complex syndroms with no single treatment solution. Research proves, however, that the best approaches to overcome ADHD and ADD symptoms must include training exercises that actually build attention skills while exposing the student to structured, distracting stimuli. This is the opposite approach of typical “accommodation” strategies. Brain training results are real and measurable.

With PowerBrain Rx, those with ADHD and ADD symptoms have the opportunity to overcome their limitations, possibly without the ongoing need for medication or accommodation.


6/ University / College


Our brain training has proven to make the difference.

Nobody wants to present 3 times the same exam, provided you are allowed to do so, in order to move up to the next year. An intensive and highly targeted brain training program may just make the difference when it comes to filling the gap in specific cognitive areas where any weakness may have gone undetected before. We test and measure first. We then devise a personalized and targeted, intensive program. Your previous cognitive weakness may soon be a matter of the past.

Only 3% make it to the best universities and colleges degrees. High cognitive skills are a foundation of their success. PowerBrain Rx can boost your cognitive skills.


6/ For adults after years of exclusive focus on their families


You have been a caring parent or partner for so long and given among your best years to look almost exclusively after your partner or family.

If you feel now it is time for a rejuvenating wake-up call for your abilities and for your confidence level, we can help you achieving this goal. By joining the program and by taking it seriously, you will be literally transformed! We cannot pledge that by then you look younger, but for sure we can guarantee that you will feel 10 years younger, invigorated, and sharper! We can revive and reshape your cognitive brain skills and can meaningfully contribute to building up or bringing back a healthy self-esteem and this good feeling of “Yes I can do it”.

With PowerBrain Rx you will be smarter and you will know it and feel it.


7/ Career Executives


Looking for a new professional, more demanding opportunity?

After many, long years in the same job and career you may have lost some of the mental stamina and agility that probably where one of your assets that had got you into your job at the first place. Reviewing and challenging again your mental executive functions may just be what you have been looking for in order to prepare for a career change. We have a specific program perfectly adapted to career adults. It is truly powerful, intense, engaging and we guarantee it will challenge you. You can enhance and hone your cognitive brain foundations.

With PowerBrain Rx you will reconnect with the speed, the sharpness, and the effectiveness required for your new ambitions.


8/ Seniors


There is no reason for our seniors not to enjoy the daily, practical, real life benefits of a sharp and vivid brain.

By getting older, a lot of people think that cognitive decline, for example memory decline is inevitable. It is not! There is no reason to believe that at a senior age we should relinquish on the everyday advantages of a healthy, strong and glowing brain. Are you a senior yourself or is one of your older loved ones a senior who is worried about mental decline, memory loss and overall weakening of cognitive abilities? No such wrongly alleged fatality needs to be true since it is proven that cognitive brain training can produce stunning effects, even on the older brain! Professional and effective brain training allows indeed to build new (!) neuron pathways, whatever our age. It has never been a better time to stand out among your peers, to learn a new language or to engage in serious and fun brain training!

Refining senior moments. Stay mentally fit and sharp with PowerBrain Rx. Yes you can.


9/ Accident victims


Rebuild and recover much of your brain skills

Specific brain training exercises can rebuild individual cognitive skills due to traumatic brain injury Training helps to rehabilitate the brain, by allocating new neurons, synapses and pathways to compensate for any damaged area and loss of function.

After a serious brain accident, today there is solid hope to rebuild most of ones damaged or lost brain skills.