“We are so glad to have found Powerbrain RX when Jayden was 4yrs old, we believe that he was really able to benefit from this training starting from a young age.  We really appreciate Miss Chan who has helped us in identifying the training needs for Jayden and guided him in every way.  We were able to see a significant improvement in his concentration and focus where he’s even been recognised by his class teacher with a “Best Improvement” award.  His attitude towards learning and taking up challenges had matured greatly with the training from Powerbrain RX.  Special thanks to Mr. Christian who has always spend some fun time with Jayden.”

Jayden’s Mummy & Daddy (5Yr old)

“This training can be frustrating at times but it is fun to be here and sometimes when I do really good then I am motivated to do better. BTW, now my grades at school are way better than last year!”

XF, (almost!) 14 years-old, 16 June 2018

“Dear Christian,

I can’t believe it has been a year since we met you and your wonderful team at Power Brain! I am all grateful to you, Miss Pancy, Mr. Alvin, Miss Janet and Miss Connie of course! 

There is a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is very meaningful to me as I can feel the power of the village in Power Brain! Thank you very much for being so understanding and patient to Ryan, he is doing better and better, thanks for being there for him, his confidence builds as he knows he is not alone to face the challenges in life!”

Ryan’s mother, 18 May 2018

“Joining PowerBrain was one of the most rewarding things I did for myself. Adela is absolutely amazing, her connection with people is outstanding. I’m sure that I wouldn’t have improved as much if it wasn’t for her. Thank you for everything!” 

Carla, 36 years-old, April 2018

“My husband and I have both been very impressed with what the trainers at Powerbrain do!
My son has progressed so much in the time that he’s been there; his focus at school is so much better, and his auditory and visual skills have vastly improved.
In school, we have seen considerable improvements; where he was achieving below his year level before, he is now at the basic or expected level. We are sure that with all the help that he is getting at Powerbrain, he will continue to thrive.
Thank you, Powerbrain(…). Your dedication, kindness, thoughtfulness and hard work have really paid off!”

Elijah’s mother, 23 March 2017

“Words can’t express our gratitude to all teachers at Powerbrain for helping shape Anders into a confident and much more focused learner in the classroom environment.   

It did not take long before we saw the miraculous change in Anders’ behaviour in school.  First, he said he was a lot less easily distracted.  Soon after, it was the class teacher who emailed us twice in a week showing her appreciation towards his improved focus and becoming more engaged in class.  Following all these were much more details from Anders himself about the types of class activities carried out during the day, instructions and work requirements from teachers, etc.  Personality-wise, we have also noticed Anders’ growing confidence (not just in school, but in everything) and that he has become much more prepared for trying in times of difficulties and challenges (even if that may mean failures sometimes). 

 Thank you all for the love, care, patience and professionalism in coaching Anders in the past year.  

I’m sure more children (and adults) will benefit from the programme with you all working as a dedicated team!” Anders’s mother, 17 October 2016

“When I went to all Justin’s Teacher/Parent meetings the first comment on Justin was that he was not focused nor concentrating in class.  As a parent of course you are worried as he will not catch up with the rest of the class.  The training at PowerBrain changed all that.

After training for a few sessions I can already see the changes.  He would do all his homework in one go without wondering off in the middle.  Now after a full year, at Teacher/Parent meetings I no longer get the same comment.

PowerBrain does wonders and I would highly recommend it.”   Justin’s mother, 20 July 2016

“It’s simple, really. The program is fun. The teachers are amazing. Moreover, I have made moon-bound progress handling my ADD; all by squeezing 1 hour from my after-school time going to PowerBrain instead using it to watch Youtube videos and play video games. My conclusion? Go for it!”   Hayson, 16 years-old, 12 July 2016

“We are thrilled with the progress that Otto has been making at Powerbrain and stemming from that the progress he is making in school.  He has become a noticeably more focused student and is beginning to find real pleasure in his studies.  Thank you.” Otto’s mother, 1 June 2016

“Dear Power Brain Rx,

I would like to thank for your hard work with reference to my grand daughter Sharon Gurung’s education development at your academic establishment.

I am very pleased to inform that with your great efforts, she has been able to pass the Primary School entrance examination successfully.

I must say that Almighty God has been very kind to us for showing me the right direction to your establishment, so we were able to achieve our goal.


GURUNG Bijar Bir”  (Sharon Gurung’ grand father) , 14 April 2016

“I would like to take this opportunity to first thank my friend who recommended me to come to PowerBrain Rx. Then, of course, a big “Thank You” to the PowerBrain Rx team for their seamless guidance and support. With their help, I have become more confident and I am now thinking in a more positive way! 

Since coming to PowerBrain Rx, I have grown in several ways:

  • Quicker processing speed

  • Longer attention span

  • Better working memory

  • Better in organization

  • Better in capturing key words and understanding them

  • Quicker in responding

The program that I am now following empowers me to improve confidence, memory and creative wellness. Once again, Thanks so much to all of you at PowerBrain Rx, for everything you have done for me so far!” Mrs LEUNG,  15 September 2015

“After my Summer training at PowerBrain Rx, my Chinese teacher said that I have improved my memory, she also feels that I am more responsible, that I have gained more confidence and that I am more mature!! I feel that this programme and the trainers have helped me a lot! I am particularly thankful of you Ms CHAN, using all your skills to make me smarter and with a stronger memory! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!”      Hayley, 11 years-old, 08 September 2015

“I am very happy I found PowerBrainRX in Hong Kong. We live in Norway and there are no such types of services available to help my autistic boy who is 7 years-old now. They provided the exact kinds of attention and cognitive trainings I have been looking for.  They evaluated his problem areas and implemented a customized plan to help him.  After only a few weeks, I have already noticed his attention span is longer.  He also liked his teacher and enjoyed the games very much.  When I come back for summer vacation next time, I will definitely use their services again.”   Elaine (mom of a 7 years-old autistic boy), 31 July 2015

“I would like to thank PowerBrain Rx because I think the training I have just had is very effective, I can recommend it to all my friends! I have found that I can now memorize all important facts at school. It was fun and cool, and I can see results! A big “Thank You” to all my instructors, they were all perfect!” Julian, 13 years-old, 7 November 2014

“I am definitely faster than before! Faster at looking at and recognizing stuff, faster when I play video games, and faster for my homeworks too. I have also realized that I am so much better at focusing in the classroom. I don’t talk to my friends anymore and everything the teachers are saying is so much clearer. I can remember more than before, for example like what happened 2 weeks ago. My trainer says it is because my long-term memory has improved.” Aryan, 13 years-old, 19 September 2014

“I read more books now, before I didn’t read that much because I didn’t enjoy reading. Now I can memorize more when I read, even when I am in the classroom. As a matter of fact, I have improved on all subjects and with the new year coming I am confident I will continue to improve!” Darrell, 12 years-old, 11 September 2014

“My name is Elisabeth C., I am 43 years of age and unfortunately I encountered a stroke in 2013 which made me loose a lot of my mental abilities in areas such as attention, memory and concentration. Life was not the same anymore and it pretty much impacted me on every level. So I decided to go for an intensive cognitive performance and remediation training at PowerBrain Rx. After completion of the program I can focus again, I clearly feel my memory capacities being rejuvenated and though it may sound surprising , I clearly feel even seeing and hearing better. Also I understand, I grasp things better and faster. I handle life afresh and my husband also realised that I am much more present and more centered. I can say the cognitive training at PowerBrain really “restarted my inner-machine”. Best of all, I can proudly say that my confidence is back!” Elisabeth C., 43 years-old, 23 June 2014

“I used to go a lot to tutoring classes, but it was a waste of time for me as I didn’t have any big improvements. Then, a friend of mine introduced me to PowerBrain Rx. This training helped me a lot, not only at school but also in my daily life. This training works with my weak points and improve it. Now, studying subjects such as Chinese History and History is no longer a challenge for me because I can memorise more and faster. I also remember phone numbers and passwords faster and I do not often need to take notes in my phone. This brain training is not boring….on the opposite it is really good and fun!” Hendry, 14 years-old, 17 May 2014

“From this program I feel that I have gained in concentration and I do now my homeworks faster than before. Before this program, when I was at school I always would miss what the teacher was saying because I didn’t concentrate enough. But after this program, I can easily understand what the teacher is saying and I can multitask much better. I wish to come back in the Summer and I love my instructors!” Bosco, 12 years-old, April 2014

“I used to have a real problem to focus on my work and especially in class. I tried to remember as much as I could, but I simply coudn’t. PowerBrain Rx gave me the chance to see my strengths and weaknesses. With a great trainer we have worked on my weaknesses and I have realized that it really helps! I can concentrate more, I think faster than I used to, and most importantly I remember so much more! I have improved my work and for that I thank PowerBrain Rx!” Mathilde, 17 years-old, 8 April, 2014

“When I play “Minecraft” my mind is always full of creative houses and I want the build the best house. I am more focus in class when I am in school and in the choir class too. That is the reason why I got the “Special Award for Best Overall Improvement” recently !” Julian, 14 years-old, September 2013

“This training makes me feel much better in school or anywhere. It also helps me a lot in school.” Johnathan, 15 years-old, July 2013

“My Math has got better. I have a faster reaction time. My memory is better, I remember phone numbers and passwords more easily. I am more creative. My brain warms up faster. I can see my own mistakes more easily.” Ernie, 12 years-old, July 2013

“My 16 years-old son has struggled with his academic studies since he was 9 years-old! Focusing issues, maths fear, and learning difficulties… We used a lot of tutoring in maths, sciences to help him with his homework…with ups and downs… He has just followed a 2 weeks intensive course at Powerbrainrx, it was great!! He felt comfortable during the training, in a very warm and supportive atmosphere. The Powerbrainrx program was fun and challenging, and we quickly noticed a huge improvement in his way to deal with school. He has gained confidence and he feels himself more focused and better organised. He noticed the improvements and has asked for a follow-up program! He wants to go further! That’s the best result for a kid with learning issues, he doesn’t give up anymore!” Mrs Anne COULATY 17 May, 2013

“My children have joined PowerBrain for almost 3 months. I found this program could provide comprehensive training to improve their weak areas. They provide pre-training assessment to identify, which areas they need to improve. The one-on-one training session can help to regularly review their progress and tailor made the programs to fit their needs. I found that they already showed improvement in their weak areas as soon as they finished one third of the program. They seemed to have better working memories, improved problem solving ability like mathematics, more logical thinking and better academic performance. Ms. Janet Yang and Mr. Christian are very nice to my children. They care about my children’s holistic development.Thankyou! ” Mrs. HO 14 Apr., 2013

“I can’t say enough about how happy I am about Thomas’ progress since he joined your program! In only a couple of months, he has significantly improved in many areas, at school and outside school. His mother is very clear about the fact that he spend much less time when studying, and I am really glad he has gained both in sports performances and in self-confidence! Thanks so much PowerBrain Rx for your support and these great results !!!” Thomas’ s father 13 April 2013

Terence – 22.04.2014
Jacky – 29.03.2014
Trisha – 03.01.2014
Noah – 01.11.2013
Harry – 06.07.2013
Martin – 04.05.2013