Attention & Concentration – Summer training

Summer is a perfect time to finally start doing something about your child’s attention and concentration issues!

This is something you have noticed lately. Or a report from the school’s teacher. Your child’s attention is weak, he/she is easily distracted or he/she can’t be focused for a long time.

The good news is that you are not alone. In hectic, busy and always under pressure Hong Kong, our children’s attention and concentration are put every day to the test.

The bad news is that these issues just won’t disappear overnight. Unfortunately, with the schools competition on one side, and with attention issues ranging from simple weakness to clinically diagnosed disorder (ADHD) on the other side, the fact is that in most cases our children will struggle for many years to come.

Take the opportunity of the current promotion: if your child is 6 years old or more, the cognitive assessment and the consultation that follows are free!