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  • Brain plasticity explained

    Michael Merzenich, the godfather of neuroscience plasticity, though not the typical Hollywood gifted entertainer, (he is a neuroscientist!) explains the amazing findings of his lifework: the brain can change, does change, can improve, the brain is malleable: this is Brain Plasticity.

  • What works for us humans works for monkeys!

    Miguel Nicolelis: A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really.

  • Brain Rules #1

    Brain Rules: From the New York Times bestseller, Brain Rules by John Medina, an inspiring and fun video about Brain Rule No 1: Physical Exercise is the best friend of a healthy brain!

Amazing Books

  • Why I Wrote The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

    Bar­bara Arrowsmith-Young is the Direc­tor of Arrow­smith School and Arrow­smith Pro­gram in Canada, where she con­tin­ues to develop pro­grams for stu­dents with learn­ing dis­abil­i­ties. It is her vision that this pro­gram be avail­able to all stu­dents strug­gling with learn­ing dis­abil­i­ties so they may know the ease and joy of learn­ing and to real­ize their dreams.


    This book is written by Dr Ken GIBSON himself, the charismatic founder of this life-changing program, LearningRx which is the American sister program of our core program, BrainRx.
    It’s an easy, quick and inspiring read, telling in simple words the plain history and the truth about how this cognitive training was born, how it evolved, why it works and why and how it is so effective.

  • RESOURCES - Amazing books 2


    This NY Times bestseller will blow you away. Not in every paragraph the easiest read, but very helpful summaries at the end of each chapter and as the title says, it tells us ALL ABOUT WHAT RULES, WHAT GOVERNS OUR BRAIN.
    So you will learn, that besides brain training of course that the most beneficial things you can do, we all can do in our life to stay sharp, smart, witty and intelligent is….does it come as a surprise (?)….physical exercise and the right nutrition!

  • RESOURCES - Amazing books 3


    Once you have been hocked up by John Medina’s Brain Rules, you will ask for more, naturally. Well, here you have got it, here with this other New York Times bestseller. Seems that definitely in New York they loooove brainy stuff!
    The Brain that changes itself will tell heartbreaking yet all true stories of personal challenges and eventual triumph, thanks to – you name it – thanks to Brain Plasticity! The inherent capacity of the human brain to change and to overpower major challenges is not a fiction, but has been experienced and evidenced again and again. The most telling stories are convincingly portrayed and demonstrate that the human’s biggest asset is our brain. And we can change, we can improve it! We can literally, physically MOVE the world with our brain.

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