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Latest Events

  • April Autism Awareness Month
    At PowerBrain Rx we know too well how Autistic Children learn differently.

    Learning struggles within the conventional schooling system are often a major difficulty for autistic children. At PowerBrain we can help. In the wide spectrum of autism disorders every child deserves a personalized approach to make learning easier and less painful for the families alike. Discover why and how cognitive skills training can meaningfully improve the […]

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  • BAW_banner
    Brain Awareness Week

    Join us for the worldwide Brain Awareness Week.

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  • Hong Kong South, Aberdeen
    Extended opening hours at our second premises PowerBrain Rx on HK island

    You are living in the south of Hong Kong island? From end of March 2014 on we extend our business hours to now 5 days a week from Mon -Fri every afternoon from 2pm – 7pm. Contact us for precise details on our premises at One Island South at our usual number 2302 0180 or […]

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  • Training Photo 4-1-13 4 22 37 PM
    Brain Booster Summer Camps: Super Early Bird Admissions Open!

    Our 2013 Summer Camps were a great success. We are going to do better this summer 2014! Make this summer a smart choice and allow your child to improve its cognitive skills. Call us now for the “Early-Early Bird” promotion. Admission are open now.

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Latest news

  • 14 Apr

    The world needs all kind of minds! At PowerBrain Rx we are proud to be associated with the Autism Awareness Month. 18 minutes of one of the most inspiring talks every delivered on how and why autistic persons can make such a powerful contribution to our otherwise "utterly normal" society. Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about how her mind works — sharing her ability to "think in pictures," which helps her solve problems that neurotypical brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum: visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, and all kinds of smart geeky kids. http://www.ted.com/talks/temple_grandin_the_world_needs_all_kinds_of_minds

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  • 06 Apr

    Keep your brain fit: A comprehensive radio talk with Pascale Michelon, Neuroscientist at Washington University http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dianekeefe/2012/10/17/boost-your-memory-with-dr-pascale-michelon

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  • 01 Apr

    Another authoritative U.S. study that demonstrates why and how serious cognitive brain training really produces effective, long lasting results.

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  • 23 Mar


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  • 21 Mar

    This Chart Will Take You From Grumpy To Happy In Just A Few Minutes…

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  • 10 Mar

    It’s time for the worldwide Brain Awareness Week JOIN US 共同參與全世界關注大腦週 You have no greater asset than your brain. 沒有比大腦更有價值的財富 PowerBrain Rx, Hong Kong’s first & exclusive Cognitive Brain Training Centre is proud to participate from March 10 until March 17 at the worldwide Brain Awareness Week. Discover why and how the human brain is our greatest asset and at the very centre of one’s identity, enabling every thought, every emotion, every behavior and every learning ability. Did you know that contrary to a centuries old belief, the brain is not a fixed and rigid entity, but the brain is malleable and can be changed and improved at any stage and age in our life. Find out more about the power of cognitive brain training and contact us between March 10 and until March 17 at info@powerbrainrx.com. Simply indicate “Brain Awareness Week” and receive your free e-brochure and free e-book about the life transforming effectiveness of cognitive performance brain training. Feel privileged and be among the first 50 respondents to receive an personal invitation for a complementary cognitive evaluation and consultation at PowerBrain Rx, Hong Kong’s first & exclusive Cognitive Brain Training Centre. [Terms & Conditions apply]. 香港第一間專門提供大腦認知能力訓練的中心,PowerBrain Rx邀請你一齊參與三月十日至十七日的全世界關注大腦週。想知道爲什麽說大腦是我們的最大財富,它怎樣主宰我們的各項思維、情緒、行爲及學習能力,請與我們共同去發掘這個奧秘。 一個多世紀以來的傳統信念認爲,大腦一旦成熟了就不會改變,其實大腦不但具備可塑性,更可以在不同年齡和階段加以改變和改善。 想知道更多關於大腦認知訓練的威力,請於三月十日至十七日期間以電郵聯絡info@powerbrainrx.com 並註明“關注大腦週”,你就可以免費獲贈一份電子小冊子和電子書,了解認知訓練足以改寫人生的威力。首50名參與者更可在香港第一間專門提供大腦認知能力訓練的中心,PowerBrain Rx進行免費測試和咨詢。 Train your brain. Think faster. Focus better. Remember more. Get smarter.

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  • 07 Mar

    Another brain myth busted....and this one's gonna blow your mind: There is nothing like "Multitasking"! It is literally impossible to multitask. We tend to believe that we are awesome multitaskers because we check our email, eat our lunch, and catch up with Facebook all at the same time. But the reality is that no matter what tasks we try to tackle at the same time, our brain is not multitasking. Instead, it's doing what's called spotlighting - frantically trying to switch between the multiple activities that grab our focus every few seconds On top of that, When we multitask, productivity goes down and we are much worse at filtering out irrelevant information. So whatever you're doing right now, give it your full attention! Myth: BUSTED http://blog.bufferapp.com/what-multitasking-does-to-our-brains

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Our Programs

  • Exclusively for the 3-6 years-old, the earliest opportunity to develop cognitive skills and gain an early head start.
  • Discovery pack: 10 sessions up, mini 2 times per week. A perfect and fun discovery of brain skills for the youngest.
  • TakeOff pack: 12 sessions up, mini 3 times per week, assessment and presentation before training. No doubt, you will feel the difference in your children after they have graduated from the TakeOff program and they may ask for more!
Contact us now!
  • Are you in school age or an adult curious about Cognitive Performance Training? Take a Brain Teaser program, an easy and stimulating way to get to learn about the powerful changes YOU can produce by unleashing your cognitive potential.
  • 10 sessions up;
  • Mini 2 times per week;
  • Assessment & consultation before training;
Contact us now!
  • Increase attention, memory, comprehension and processing speed and so much more with this worldwide tried and tested core program
  • 60 sessions up;
  • Duration typically 2-3 months up;
  • Mini 3 sessions per week;
  • Thorough assessment & consultation before and after training;
  • In 3 months one can normally expect meaningful and measurable improvements!
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  • An amazing boost, intense or super intense and in a very short period of time!
  • 30 sessions or 48 sessions;
  • Mini 3 times per week with double or triple sessions;
  • Duration minimum 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks;
  • Assessment & consultation before training;
  • It is a powerful and intensified version of PowerBrain Rx Core Program. For those who want maximum efficiency, bold changes in attention, speed and memory in a short period of time and are ready to intensely work on it.
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  • You have successfully graduated from a Brain Booster or our Core Program, great! While not a necessity, this Staying Smart maintenance program is just the perfect follow-up to stay sharp and smart…before you may just opt for your second and final Brain Booster!
  • Minimum 1 time (double session) per week;
  • Absolute flexibility in frequency, length and intensity;
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Make the next vacation a smart vacation.

Contact us and find out what you or your child can do to improve the cognitive performance in as little as from 2 weeks on during the next vacation with three, four or five sessions a week.

Call now to reserve for your evaluation first!

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